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Imperial College Health Partners

We built a new WordPress site for NHS innovation and research body, Imperial College Health Partners. ICHP are one of several organisations across the country that are responsible for finding better ways to do things in the NHS and getting everyone to do them. That’s hugely simplified, but we know for sure they’re doing good stuff over there.

This website replaced the original ICHP site, which while still functional, was no longer the best representation of the company. We were able to migrate a lot of content from the original site to this new one, ensuring that any SEO presence the site had wasn’t lost. We also provide ongoing hosting and support for the ICHP team.


London Golf Club

We also built this WordPress site for the London Golf Club. Though we’re more familiar with strings than swings, and chars than pars (they’re super-geeky programming puns, by the way) we helped LGC refine their online presence entirely.

A highlight of the site, and a major motivation to build a new site in the first place, are the QPUK-produced videos shown throughout the site. We worked closely with the team at QPUK to ensure they were totally happy with how their work was presented online.

We also ensured that the site has a good SEO foundation that will naturally increase over time.

The new site will launch in Summer 2021.


ACCA Banner Ads

QPUK built a new marketing campaign for ACCA. Part of the campaign involved creating banner ads for the Google Ads platform that linked to various landing pages on the main ACCA website. Like the sites we build, QPUK provided full designs for the ads as well as instructions on how each element should be animated.

Google Ads have strict acceptance criteria for the ads. For example, there are restrictions on the overall file size of each ad, and all ads submitted need to handle visitors clicking on them in a particular way. QPUK didn’t want to worry about those things (neither should they, that’s why they got us involved) so we were trusted to just ‘make them work’, which we did.

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