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School Programme Management System

We worked with Get Shorty and their client to build a management platform for an extracurricular programme taught in primary schools across the country.

The programme and the accreditation administration were running before we got involved, but nothing was particularly structured. Essentially schools would get in touch with someone in the team to say they’ve completed all the criteria for the programme and want to get accredited, and the programme administrator team would deal with that request in a very ad-hoc manner that became extremely inefficient as the programme grew. The programme is genuinely really great for kids, but parents, school boards, and Ofsted really like it too so it’s important the school get the credit they deserve when their students complete the programme.

They wanted a platform that helps manage everything to do with the programme’s accreditation system, allowing teachers to log in and update their progress easily, automating as much as possible, and generally making the lives of everyone involved a bit easier. Seems fair.

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We were involved in all aspects of the project, from requirement scoping and technical consultation to wireframing, designs, and development.

The system caters to two types of users – teachers and programme administrators. Teachers can log in and update their progress through the programme. Administrators can track this progress, and once the requisite number of steps have been complete, can credit and award the school for completing the programme.

The system is built in Laravel, and features robust security, a single-sign on feature, and an email notification system for teachers and administrators.

Everyone has confirmed their lives are a bit easier now, too.


Goldenberry Plan

We built this WordPress site with Get Shorty for Nature’s Heart and their Goldenberry Plan programme. This programme promotes the fair farming and responsible sourcing of goldenberries – a superfood with many fantastic properties grown in Columbia and Ecuador. Nature’s Heart produces a range of healthy (and delicious) snacks with goldenberries being the core ingredient.

The main feature of the site is the video Get Shorty produced, but it also features a lot of well-organised content on the initiative itself and showcases the good work that Nature’s Heart are doing in this area. The site also has a full translation function as well.

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